Elements Artisan Concrete Services - concrete furnishings, concrete countertops, custom concrete surrounds
concrete countertops, concrete furniture, concrete fireplace surrounds, custom concrete What we do in a nutshell:

Design - Whether it is collaborating with local designers to bring original ideas to life, or simply talking it through at the jobsite by working out different scenarios and visions, we’ve done it. We would love to be a part of the design process for your next project. We encourage personalization of our pieces — make it unique, make it your own, think outside the box.

Manufacturing - The entire process from template to installation takes approximately 3-4 weeks. For most countertops, we come to the jobsite and template in a similar fashion to that of most other stone products. We manufacture all of our products in our studio where a controlled environment is a crucial part of the curing process. While concrete is our primary medium, we also incorporate a number of reclaimed materials into our projects, often using wood and steel for integral parts of our design — such as shown in the desk above.

Installation - Elements Concrete will install your countertops and furniture in much of the northwestern US. If you live outside of our installation area, we can ship any of our products to your jobsite. In most cases, your contractor can easily handle the measurement and installation. We walk you through the entire process and quote shipping charges so you know what to expect before placing an order. Exceptions can be made of course, and we are willing to travel almost anywhere if you happen to live slope side at any number of world class ski resorts...

If you have any questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.