Yellowstone National Park gets some concreteness

When Yellowstone National Park contacted us about making some recycled concrete countertops for Mammoth hotel I thought to myself, what a great opportunity to save $25 on my entrance fee and get into the park for free!  Ha, actually is was a great opportunity to show off the greener side of concrete at one of our country’s greatest national parks.  For this project they wanted to use materials that were recycled from the park itself and in the process educate their guests about the some of the possibilities of recycling.

We gathered glass bottles from the recycling stations around the park and brought them back to our studio to the glass crusher/cement mixer with big rocks in it.  This crushed glass was then used as aggregate in the concrete matrix and the finished piece was ground to expose the glass as well as a brief blurb describing the source of the countertop ingredients.  Next time you’re visiting Yellowstone take a peek inside the Mammoth hotel and keep an eye out for other recycled concrete projects popping up around the park as well.