Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions?

How much does it cost?

Our Concrete countertops and other products are a custom crafted material and are therefore priced accordingly.  Consumers looking for a cost effective alternative to other solid surfaces will find that concrete is priced in the range of other very unique custom materials; and because we do only custom work each project is priced on a per design basis.  Please contact us for a complimentary estimate for your project.

Will concrete counters stain?
All of our concrete products are sealed with what we feel to be the best available products on the market.  While it is possible to create stain proof concrete with multiple layers of heavy thick polyurethane, you are then left with a plastic countertop, and we don’t do plastic.  Therefore a compromise has to be made to achieve the element of stone with a stain resistance to withstand years of use.  We have done just that, and through common sense kitchen cleanup you will enjoy your concrete product for a lifetime.  Items to be careful with include highly acidic products such lemons, limes, vinegar and wine which will not stain on contact, but should be cleaned off in a timely manner.

How do I keep it clean?
To clean concrete, avoid abrasive soaps or cleansers (i.e. no Brillo). We recommend a mild, non-abrasive, non ammoniated soap for daily cleaning. Simple Green or Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap both work well.

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Is Concrete a green product?
Absolutely, we strive to create beautiful, functional art that creates as little environmental impact as possible.  To learn more about our passion for green building please visit our environment page

Do you follow any industry standards?
In short, there are no standards.  The architectural elements that we create are the result of an artisan craft.  No two companies will create using the exact same techniques or materials.  This is why it is important to ask questions, view work history, and choose someone you feel comfortable working with.

Can concrete crack or chip?
Concrete is a rigid material and if impacted with a heavy object concrete can chip much like any other stone surface.  The good news is that most incidents are easily repaired.  Structural cracking is primarily due to inexperience on the part of the fabricator whether that be poor mix design, improper curing, or poor handling.  Elements Concrete has maintained a history of no structural cracks, and we continually remain on the forefront of concrete advancements to ensure our clients a worry free product.

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Do you pour-in-place or is it Pre-Cast?
All of our concrete products are precast in our Bozeman, MT studio. History has shown that concrete poured-in-place cannot be properly cured and will eventually crack.  We carefully control every aspect of the process in our controlled environment from the curing atmosphere to the finishing room.  This is the only way that we have been able to maintain our history of zero structural cracks.

How thick is a concrete countertop?
How thick would you like it?  Something to keep in mind however is that the thickness of the countertop can also effect the height of the counters.  If very thick counters are desired you may have to customize the cabinetry accordingly.  It is also possible to have a “drop edge” in which the countertops appear to be, say 6” thick but in reality the main thickness is only 1 ½ “ .

How much does concrete weigh?
A 2” thick concrete countertop weighs about 23 pounds per square foot. Conventional cabinetry will support these slabs without a problem eliminating the need for any special substrate considerations.

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What is the maximum unsupported cantilever for a concrete counter?
About 12″ of unsupported overhang is most common; however we have used some very innovative invisible support systems in the past that can increase cantilevers tremendously.

Will there be Seams?
Depending on the design of the project we will insert seams where necessary.  All seam placements will be discussed and shown on the proposal drawings.  We also can incorporate the seams creatively into the overall design of the piece making them intentional rather than a necessary inconvenience.

Can I cut on concrete?
Like most counter surfaces we recommend that a cutting board be used on the countertop to avoid dulling your knives and scratching the surface of concrete. And while our concrete surfaces are impervious to heat, we also recommend the use of a trivet for hot pans.

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What are the color options?
We can custom match any Benjamin Moore or Pantone color sample.  While earth tones are by far the most popular, we have had requests for everything from lemon yellow to grass green and everything in between.

Do concrete countertops look the same every time?
No, the real beauty and appeal of using concrete is that each piece is unique and develops a character of its own during the finishing and curing process.  They are true works of art and therefore no two are alike.

Who templates and installs this product?
If your project is within our service area Elements will provide these services, otherwise we can review our guidelines with your local contractor or natural stone installer.

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I noticed you also make really amazing furniture to compliment the concrete, can you make me one?
We would love to design or work with your designer to create an amazing furnishing for your home or office.

How do I order a custom product?
Most custom product can be delivered within 4 weeks. Here is the process:

1. Client faxes or emails Elements Concrete detailed project information with dimensional drawings.

2. We usually follow up with a phone call – there are always questions to go over.

3. Elements will provide a written estimate free of charge.

4. Client returns phone call and says great, let’s get started.

5. Meetings are scheduled to discuss color & finish selection, coordinating products etc.

6. Templates are made from existing cabinetry and 50% deposit is received.

7. Pieces are manufactured and delivered, and the remaining 50% of the invoice is due.