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concrete countertops, concrete furniture, concrete fireplace surrounds, custom concrete Sustainable design as Wikipedia puts it is "maintaining quality of life by using clever design to substitute less harmful products and processes for conventional ones."

I suppose that makes us pretty clever designers… here's how we remain at the forefront of environmentally responsible design:

• We use pozzolins to displace a high percentage of cement in our concrete. For example, silica fume is a byproduct from other industrial processes and would otherwise end up in a local landfill. It also has the added benefit of enhancing important characteristics of our final product.

• Our concrete is poured in molds using exacting mix designs bringing our waste down to almost nothing. Unlike granite and quartz products which are cut from large sheets with much waste.

• Due to the nature of our molds and the materials used we can reuse them hundreds of times before their duty cycle expires. Even the melamine sheets we pour on are made from recycled sawdust.

• Gray water is filtered and used in select portions of the manufacturing process, such as cleaning equipment.

• All of the aggregates used in our mix design are obtained locally thereby minimizing the distance it has to travel.

• Our finishing products all contain zero VOCs which is good for the environment and the lungs of the person applying it.

• We also do the type of recycling that everyone can be doing around the house. Everything matters.